20 Apr

State DOT Overhead Deadline Update: 4/20/20

I hope that you are all staying safe and finding ways to work effectively through the ongoing crisis.

In our newsletter a few weeks ago, I promised to keep you updated on any state DOT overhead submittal deadlines that we become aware of.  We are awaiting an update from AASHTO Audit Subcommittee leadership on this issue, but there are a few states we’ve heard about so far.  I will be following up directly with states and will provide more information as it becomes available.

Currently, the following deadline extensions have been communicated to us:

  • Illinois DOT: six-week extension to August 15 for calendar year firms
  • Wisconsin DOT: one-month extension to July 31 for calendar year firms
  • Michigan DOT: no blanket extension for financial prequalification applications, but has indicated that it is willing to work with any consultants requiring extra time
  • Maryland DOT / SHA: three-month extension to September 30 for calendar year firms

A few states that I’ve talked to recently who have confirmed there is currently no deadline extension in the works include Texas, North Carolina, and Florida.  If you work in multiple states, I would still expect that most of them will not be extending the deadline.

I will post updates on this blog as we learn more so please save this link and check back often for new information. If you find out about any deadline extensions not listed, please email me at dan@aeclarity.com.