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About A/E Clarity


Dan Purvine, President of A/E Clarity, is chair of the ACEC Audit Subcommittee and has long been an advocate for the needs of A/E firms in contracting with local, State, and federal agencies. He continues to work closely with FHWA and AASHTO in his volunteer role with ACEC to achieve uniform application of FAR Part 31 and the AASHTO Audit Guide, and to better address the needs of A/E firms nationwide. He has been heavily involved in the development of the AASHTO Audit Guide and the National Compensation Matrix, and works closely with the AASHTO Audit Guide Taskforce to continually improve the Guide as a tool for A/E firms, State DOTs, and CPAs.

A/E Clarity’s instructors include current and former members of the AASHTO Audit Subcommittee, providing additional insight into the needs and perspectives of State DOTs. We approach advocacy efforts as a cooperative process between the A/E industry, State DOTs, AASHTO, and FHWA, recognizing that the needs of all parties must be addressed in order to achieve success.

At A/E Clarity, our sole purpose is to support your success. We recognize the unique challenges involved in contracting with local, State and federal agencies, and navigating the laws, regulations and guidance affecting A/E firm contracts. We have the knowledge, experience, and insight to make your firm more successful, and we invite you to contact us to discuss your firm’s challenges, and how we can help.

Supporting a Successful Overhead Rate Audit in 2018

12/21/2017 - 8:09am

Today's blog is geared toward audit clients of D. L. Purvine, CPA, PLLC. We'd like to take the opportunity to bring you information on current events and ideas that will help you to better understand FAR, improve your processes, and be more prepared for a smooth overhead rate audit.  If there are topics that you would like to see highlighted in future issues, please let us know!

The DOT Overhead Rate Review Process

09/05/2017 - 1:05pm

If your firm has a calendar year-end, you’ve probably recently received approval of your overhead rate from the DOTs who are responsible for reviewing your rate.